About us

Teddykompaniet i Båstad, a wholesaler which sells soft animals, baby products and gift items, started as a family-run company almost 25 years ago. The idea came when Raili, a soon to be grandmother, saw the growing needs and demands of quality babyproducts and stuffed animals from kids and families. After the initial launch, with both Railis son and daughter by her side, the company quickly grew to 15 employees. The headquarters and the warehouse is located in the beautiful coastal town of Båstad in southern Sweden where the family grew up.

Teddykompaniet has sales personnel distributed throughout Sweden, Finland and Denmark and in the rest of the world they have partnerships with successfull and passionate ditributors. Our end customers can be found throughout Scandinavia and Europe, and as far afield as Africa and New Zealand. We have a wide range of retailers, from gift shops and toy shops to home furnishing outlets, baby stores and larger department stores.

A few years ago Teddykompaniet i Båstad Ab was sold to Baby Invest, a Swedish company with lots of experience in baby- and childrens products. During the last 30 years there has been some very exciting growth, additions of product range and changes but the core values and the foundation from which the company started has not changed.