Code of Conduct

The following demand has Teddykompaniet on their suppliers and co- workers:

– Child Labor – The use of child labor is prohibited. No person shall be employed in a factory that produces or manufactures any Teddykompaniet product at an age younger than sixteen*, or younger than the age for completing compulsory education in the country of manufacture where such age is higher.

– Forced Labor – There will not be any use of forced, prison or indentured labor in the Production of Teddykompaniet products*. All employment, including overtime, shall be on a voluntary basis.

– Working Hours and Compensation – Facilities must comply with all applicable national and local wage and hour laws, including minimum wage laws, or shall be consistent with the prevailing industry wage standards, if higher. Employee benefits shall be provided in accordance with national and local requirements. Normal working hours should not exceed forty-eight (48) hours/week with one day off in every seven-day period. Overtime work in necessary business circumstances shall be conducted in such a way as to adequately compensate workers for all work performed beyond the normal working hour standard.


– Health and Safety – Facilities shall ensure that all employees have a healthy and safe environment, including in dormitories, where provided. Teddykompaniet expects all Facilities to promote an awareness of health and safety issues to their employees including issues surrounding fire prevention, emergency evacuation, proper use of safety equipment, basic first-aid and the proper use and disposal of hazardous waste materials.

– Abuse, discrimination – Facility employees shall be treated with dignity and respect. No employee shall be subject to abuse, cruel or unusual disciplinary practices or discrimination in employment or hiring on the grounds of race, religion, origin, political affiliation, sexual preference, age or gender.

– Communication of Principles – Facilities will communicate these principles to employees in an appropriate oral and written fashion and will undertake efforts to educate employees about these principles on a periodic basis.