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Teddy Heaters, Dog

  • 229 kr

Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. 

Article Number: 2760

Teddy Heaters, Dog - a cuddly soft toy that also provides warmth and security. A best friend who keeps you warm when it's cold, softens tensions and aching muscles as well as joints. This lovely Dino is also helping the small, aching stomachs and helps anyone to fall asleep. Size 35 cm. Washable 40 degrees. Approved and CE marked according to EN71.

Do you have a Teddy Heater at home? This is how you take best care of it. 
Remember this product can be machine washed in 40°C, but please take the heating pad out of the stuffed animal before you wash it. The content of the heating pad cannot handle getting wet. The stuffed animal is made with 100% polyester. The heating pad is filling with 100% tourmaline.


• A child’s skin is very sensitive to heat, avoid prolonged direct contact with the skin to avoid burns. 

• Take care when removing the heating insert from microwave oven as the product may be hot.

• Do not ingest contents. 

• Do not overheat.

• The heating pad should only be heated in a microwave or regular oven.

• Only heat the insert and not the external cover.

• Inspect at regular intervals, discard if found worn or damaged.

• Clean only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.

• Not suitable for children under 3 years old due to the heating nature of this product.

• The heating of this insert should only be carried out by an adult.

• Allow to cool to room temperature before reheating.

• All heating should always be under supervision and handled responsibly by an adult.

Please follow the microwave heating instructions carefully:

• Heat the insert only following the instructions below, (do not heat the animal cover).

• After heating this microwaveable insert, it must be re-inserted into the animal cover carefully with the Velcro securely fastened before use.

• Place the insert on a plate and place inside microwave oven (must be on a non-metallic plate) or oven, making sure the filling inside is evenly distributed to prevent hot spots. 

• Make sure the turntable is able to rotate freely, is clean and free of grease or anything which could cause burning.

• Please wait for 30 seconds to allow the heating pad to cool down.

• Use maximum 900 watt when heating in a microwave oven.

• In the event of overheating, allow to return to room temperature and inspect all seams and condition of this microwaveable insert. Do not use if damaged.

• After heating this microwaveable insert, it must be re-inserted into the animal cover carefully with the Velcro securely fastened before use.


 • Please heat up the microwaveable insert for 30 seconds when using a microwave oven and check the temperature by carefully touching it.

 • Continue to heat in increments of 10 seconds until desired temperature is reached.

• When using a regular oven place the heating pad in center of oven and follow the temperatur and time recommendation in the table below.

• Once heated allow to stand for 30 seconds before use.

• The outer material can get damp the first couple of times it gets heated up.

• If you would like a cooling effect instead of heat, place the heatpad in a plastic bag inside the freezer for at least 1 hour 


 • Please read the wash care label how you clean the product.

 • Store in a clean and dry environment.

 • If the heating insert breaks when it is warm please alllow it to cool down to room temperature before you dispose of it.

 • Please save this information for future use.