Babblarna are a colourful bunch that make language training an exciting and playful adventure at preschool and home. Their videos on YouTube are enormously popular (over 45 miljoner views on the their own YouTube channel, Feb 2016), and every day new viewers are discovering and falling for these little speech boosters – because Babblarna are more than just entertaining and fun – they can really aid language development.

Babblarna have been developed specially for children in the early stages of language development, and they are suitable for all toddlers and young children – with or without special needs.
Based on the internationally recognised Karlstad Model of Language Intervention, they help children take those first important steps in building their language.

Babblarna speak their own language, based on the sound of their names.  Listening to Babblarna speak, and then imitating the way they talk, is an effective way of practising the use of stress and melody in language, and and it’s really easy to forget that it’s language training when you join in all the fun and adventures in Babblarna’s world.

Click here go to the Babblarna website where you will find games, pussels and crafts.

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Pelle No-Tail

There was once a kind and naive cat, who was born on a farm outside Uppsala. When he was little, he had his tail bitten off by a big rat, and so everyone called him Peter No-Tail. One day, Peter lay down in a car to take a nap, and when he awoke he found himself in Uppsala.

In Uppsala, Peter met a sweet young girl-cat named Mary Cream-Nose. They moved into a basement peep-hole together and had three kittens. Peter also had run-ins with the bullycat Mean Måns and the cats Bill and Bull, who were always teasing him for having no tail. But in the neighborhood he also met his friends Trisse, Gullan, and many others.

When you buy the Pelle No-Tail products a portion of the profits go to support the Pelle No-Tail stipend. “Dare to be kind” is the name of the stipend and will be awarded to someone who has done something out of the ordinary to teach children about equal value.

The melamine products can be washed in the dishwasher at max 50°. We don’t recommend that you heat them in the microwave oven.

Here you can find the complete range of Pelle No-tail products.

Alfie Atkins

 A little boy that’s a big success. Quite an ordinary little boy, who lives with his daddy. He’s not big, or strong. And he doesn’t fight either! He can be naughty, he can be good, and he can also be jealous, angry and scared of ghosts, but…

…together with Milla, Malcolm or a child, Alfie is the popular soft toy that can get through most situations.

Alfie and his friends are available as a rattle, comfort blanket, music box and more/etc. Click here for the whole range of Alfons Products.

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Ingrid is a playful picturebook character who experiences very eventful everyday adventures that everyone can recognize from our own lives. Katerina Janouchs everyday descriptions are filled with humour and joy, and Mervi Lindmans watercolours captures the spirit of the story perfectly. The Ingrid books has become an international success and is already translated into 12 languages.

Teddykompaniet has together with Bonnier publishing company created the lovely, soft and playful and doll that you can find in 2 sizes.

Here you will find all the Ingrid products!