The Teddy Bear is the world’s most cuddled soft toy – a best friend who brings comfort, love and a sense of security; someone who can also keep a secret!  Brown, white, grey, pink… it doesn’t matter.  There have been millions of variations on the classic Teddy Bear over the years and there’ll be just as many in the future. Here are some of our current  favourites!

Teddy Cream

Materials in subtle colours, all wonderfully cuddly – over the years Teddy Cream has become a real favourite, especially the rabbits with their long ears – great for snuggling up to.  We recently added dogs in the Teddy Cream family, so just be prepared for an overload of puppy love from these guys!


Wild animals are a favourite with many children! Exciting and fearsome creatures who are anything but dangerous, except in a child’s imagination. A wild howl from your child might be nothing more alarming than a lion’s roar! When bedtime comes even the most ferocious tiger is a big softy and likes nothing better than to tag along and hold hands when it’s time to sleep.

Teddy Farm

The animals we see around us, in the home as our pets and on the farm encourage a sense of play. Soft bunnies to hop along with, lambs to pet with and of course horses, cows and pigs to play with, sing to and imitate their sounds.


Cats and kittens are so many things. They are cute and cuddly in your lap but also playful and ready for some fun. When you meet one of our cats you can be sure that you will want to take one home with you. Silky and soft, you will have a friend for ever!

Teddy Dogs

The dream of owning a dog or a puppy must be universal. Kids all over the world  love dogs of all shapes and sizes and playing with puppys. Who can deny the saying that “dogs are mans best friend”. Not us! Our soft and friendly dogs will be your loyal friend forever. Bring them along on long trips and short walks, let them sleep in your bed and whisper your secrets in their ears at night.

Forest Animals

The forest is filled with animals recognized by all children. The squirrel, the lynx on the path, porcupines, dears, a moose and perhaps a wolf. All of them are soft and cuddly creatures.