Ocean Pals

Ocean Pals – By Teddykompaniet. Meet theese cute aquatic animals! Octupus, starfish and whale in really nice colors.


Robo Kidz

Teddykompaniet presents Robo Kidz. Meet Alfa and Omega with their long dangling arms and legs, ribber body with embroidered details and wrenches on the hand to quickly fix what is needed.



Diinglisar Organic Stars has now received a sequel. This time it’s the elephant moving into the family. This series is made of environmentally friendly GOTS certified, 100% organic cotton with maize fiber as a filling. It comes like a snuff, skull and a music box.



Viggo & Valle

Our beautiful teddy bears Viggo & Valle with soft coat and cream colored stomach. Bleow the paws is a different fabric that is ribbed and soft. A bear perfect to cuddle with!